9 June 2011

Why an effective LinkedIn profile just became a 'must have'

A new button to be integrated into the careers pages of employer websites was announced by LinkedIn this week. This actively encourages candidates to apply with their LinkedIn profile rather than a traditional CV, with the application going straight into the employers' back-end management system.

Additional features will allow employers to include fields for a cover letter and for additional questions.

LinkedIn is pushing hard on employers and recruitment consultants to adopt this approach, in a bid to win a huge chunk of the lucrative job-board market. A recent study showed employers employ on average one in 220 applicants via a job-board, but one in 33 via their direct website. Useful stats to remember for any job-seeker.

The other news for would-be applicants is if they are not on LinkedIn, they won't be able to apply.

Pretty conclusive evidence that it's worth investing time to register, get your profile right, network with the right people and start building your professional online footprint.

June 11

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